The Centenary Fund

Degrees were awarded to 256 people.

Your support of the Centenary Fund gives Centenary immediate, flexible resources to quickly respond to the evolving needs of the University, to provide student scholarships and financial assistance, and to pursue bold learning initiatives both in and out of the classroom.

When gifts to the Centenary Fund are made without restrictions on their use, they allow the University to allocate resources strategically and take advantage of unexpected opportunities to fund new educational programs and strengthen existing ones.

Every gift matters, every year - Alumni participation, the percentage of Centenary graduates who make a financial contribution, factors into our rankings and influences how people view the quality and value of a Centenary education. Since gifts are used during the fiscal year in which they are received, gifts to the Centenary Fund have an immediate impact on our students and faculty.

Please support Centenary University with your gift to the Centenary Fund today!

For more information, please contact Emily Russell at (908) 852-1400 x2336 or 


Leadership Giving

Cornelius Walsh Society

Members of the Cornelius Walsh Society are among Centenary University's most generous benefactors. The Society is named for Cornelius Walsh, the first president of the Centenary Board of Trustees, who took hold of the opportunity to shape the University, securing Centenary's charter, selecting its Hackettstown location and determining the school's design and funding plans. The Cornelius Walsh Society was established in 1990 to recognize benefactors who reach the pinnacle of leadership support by making gifts of $1,000 or more to the Centenary Fund. These generous alumni, parents and friends exemplify the ideals of Cornelius Walsh by seizing their own opportunity to change the lives of Centenary University's students and community. These gifts are vital to the University, as they help advance its most important programs and change the lives of its students in a variety of ways, the better to provide the best possible educational opportunities.

For more information, or to become a member of the Cornelius Walsh Society, please contact Stan Kula '07 at (908) 852-1400 or

 George H. Whitney Society

Members of the George H. Whitney Society have generously included Centenary in their estates or through other long-term planned gifts, the better to immediately enjoy financial benefits and assist Centenary in the years to come. The Society is named in honor of Centenary's first President, George. H. Whitney, who led the University from its opening in 1869 until 1895. As more and more alumni and friends are joining more than 60 of their peers in making these vital contributions, they may rest secure in the knowledge that they are helping the University achieve its present educational goals, while ensuring it has the necessary flexibility to achieve future success.

Members of the Society are presented with a special commemorative pin that they may wear at College events such as Homecoming & Alumni Weekend, or whenever they choose. That way, they will be immediately recognized for their commitment, forethought and generosity. In addition, members of the Society can enjoy special events both on-campus and off, as well as receiving recognition in Centenary's Honor Roll of Donors and much more. By joining the George H. Whitney Society, you leave a lasting and meaningful legacy, and join the many Centenarians whose long-term gifts will benefit Centenary's students today, and for years to come.

To download a Whitney Society information sheet, click here. To download an enrollment form, click here.

The President's Advisory Council

 The members of Centenary University's President's Advisory Council serve as invaluable advisors to the President and as ambassadors to the broader community. In order for Centenary to realize its fullest potential, the University must have the active involvement of its alumni and friends. Centenary needs its alumni and friends engaged in significant roles within the broader community. Specifically, this means engaging key alumni and friends in all aspects of the institution's health -- recruitment, student life, fundraising, and the many other facets of Centenary University.

In 1993-94, Centenary President Stephanie Bennett-Smith saw the need to form an advisory group of alumni to meet and discuss the various needs of Centenary. Twelve key alumni were identified and recruited to establish the "Founders" group. These alumni, in conjunction with the President, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the University Advancement staff, met in February 1994 for the inaugural meeting of the President's Advisory Council.

Centenary University Endowment

Endowment gifts provide crucial support for the University now and in the future, but also create a lasting legacy for the donor or a special honoree. Endowment gifts are invested by Centenary's financial professionals in order to generate interest income that will fund everything from facilities to academic programs. By growing our endowment, the University will be able to attract the best students and faculty and provide the best possible educational opportunities and community resources. If you wish to make a special endowment gift -- or honor a special person in your life through an endowment gift -- and would like more information, please contact John Carno at (908) 852-1400 x2379 or

"Building on Equine Excellence":
The Equestrian Center Enhancement Project

As part of the Equestrian Center Enhancement Project, Centenary Univeristy launched the "Building on Equine Excellence" campaign in 2009 to seek support for the improvement of facilities at the College's Equestrian Center. This effort resulted in new footing for the Center's main United States Equestrian Team Arena, the restoration of the Back Barn and repairs and improvements to fencing at the Equestrian Center. Future goals include: Purchase a new truck; replace footing in the small indoor arena; and replace footing in the outdoor arena. 

 The Equine Studies Department at Centenary College provides a comprehensive academic course of study, with an emphasis on riding rarely found in higher education. The program offers its 140 students a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Studies, with four possible concentrations, along with an Associate in Science in Equine Studies and an Equine minor. We are pleased to announce that a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science (Pre-veterinary Track) will start in the fall of 2015. The Department's home is the 65-acre Equestrian Center in Long Valley, Washington Township (Morris County). The program also features a Therapeutic Riding program and full-time Veterinary Services.

Goals and accomplishments:

The summer of 2011 saw the Equestrian Center Enhancement Project focused on the Back Barn Restoration Project, as seen below. Although the physical renovation of this important facility is complete thanks to 165 generous volunteers, your gift will help Centenary University reach the financial goal of the Project.

     The Back Barn was completely renovated during the Summer of 2011.

The Back Barn before (left) and after the Restoration Project.


Current enhancement project goals include: Purchasing a horse walker/exerciser; an additional therapeutic riding horse; capital improvements to the pharmacy and veterinary work space; a new truck for transporting horses and equipment; replacement of footing in the small indoor arena; and replacement of footing in the outdoor arena. To learn more about the Equestrian Center Enhancement Project, please contact Kelly Munz at (908) 852-1400 x2327 or

The Cyclone Athletic Fund:
Athletic Turf Field Project

A rendering of the entire Artificial Turf Field project.

Cyclone Fever is sweeping the campus as Centenary University's sports teams make their mark in the national collegiate arena. The College's Wrestling, Women's Lacrosse, Women's Soccer, Men's Lacrosse and other teams have all generated new excitement and focused national attention on our athletic programs. With so many of Centenary's student-athletes succeeding on the national level, the University has launched a fund to support the efforts of these standout competitors. The first goal has been completed: to install a new synthetic turf field for use by the Men's and Women's Soccer and Lacrosse teams. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new field was held on April 15, 2014. The new turf will give our teams a competitive edge by expanding practice time opportunities and enhancing safety.

The new field strengthens Centenary's commitment to Cyclone sports, including the dedication of the Zeitler Wrestling Facility, a state-of-the-art training wing funded through The Campaign for Centenary University. Our champions deserve the best facilities and equipment. With your support of the Cyclone Athletic Fund, we are taking the next step in building world-class sports programs at Centenary University.

Athletics Accomplishments:

To see all the great things our athletes have accomplished, click here.

Friends of Taylor Memorial Library

The Friends of Taylor Memorial Library is a volunteer group established to sponsor cultural events for the Centenary University community and raise funds to donate to the Library in order to enhance the services, informational resources and equipment it provides. By supporting Taylor Memorial Library, you are helping Centenary University provide the best possible research resources for its students and the community at large. By making gifts of time and resources, the Friends of Taylor Memorial Library will help to ensure its collections -- more than 70,000 print materials, nearly 3,500 audio/visual materials and a wide variety of databases and technological assets -- can grow and change with the changing needs of Centenary students.

Members of the Friends of Taylor Memorial Library will receive invitations to special Library events, as well as recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors and more. This volunteer membership group consists of alumni, faculty, staff, students and other individuals or companies in the greater Centenary University community, who are interested in promoting its goals.





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